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Premium quality fresh produce wholesaler

Based in London Ontario and serving businesses in London and surrounding cities and towns since 2002.

Consistent Quality

Experience unmatched satisfaction with our products as we tirelessly pursue consistent quality, ensuring that each and every item satisfies the highest standards of excellence.

Reliable Delivery

You can confidently plan and depend on us to deliver your products to your doorstep precisely when you need them when you take advantage of the peace of mind that comes with our dedication to dependable on-time delivery.

Digitally Driven

Experience the revolutionary impact of our digitally driven strategy as we nimbly incorporate technology into our workflows, enabling improved collaboration, data-driven decision-making, and unmatched customer experiences.


What differentiate us from others!

At our company, we take great pride in offering the highest-quality fresh products to our clients. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our offerings since we think first-rate customer service is equally significant. Our educated and welcoming team is always willing to help, providing tailored recommendations and swiftly responding to any concerns. Every consumer receives an amazing experience from us in which premium goods and first-rate support go above and beyond expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide conventional and organic fresh fruits and vegetables of all kinds.

Mainly we buy from Ontario food terminal in Toronto where all Ontario farmers, wholesalers and importers are concentrated. We do buy as well from local farmers around us during the season.

Since we deal with delicate products we adopted a business operating model different from all others where we buy based on pre-order basis. we don't store products more than 48 hours to insure top freshness. We go to the market three days a week and we sell the other three days.

We mainly sell other businesses (restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets)

Home customers looking for large quantities are welcome in store only.

We do a regular fixed schedule for all cities outside London, three days per week.

(Mon , Wed, Fri)

inside London we deliver five days a week

(Monday to Friday).

Urgent deliveries (within 2 hours limit) are possible with an agreed fee depending on the distance to travel and vehicle to use.

All our vehicles are equipped with refrigeration as well as heating to insure proper temperatures during product transport.

$150 is our minimum order policy for having free delivery.

Orders under $150 are subject to a $10 delivery  charge.

At least one day before scheduled delivery.

You can order by using any of the following methods:

1- email to :

2- SMS message to :

3- Online from our website

4- by fax to : 519-668-7676

5- By phone to our 24/7 auto-attendant (1-844-352-2727)

e-trasnfer, cheques, cash, wire transfer, credit card on file, debit/credit card for in-office sales.

note: NSF charge $45 for bounced cheques. once a cheque bounces with NSF , that payment method will not be accepted from customer.

Credit terms available for loyal customers.

All new accounts are cash on delivery.

All product return claims must be made within 24 hours of delivery to have a full credit.

No credits for expired products.

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